Zitro & Hidden Tigress – Release Me

Album title: Release Me
Lyrics and vocals, by singer, songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design: Zitro
Label: Suanda Voice

From darkness, to the light. To find a way to break free from what is holding you back, or its hold over you. From obstacles, to things keeping you at bay, something, or someone causing it to surround, or cause conflict. It is more than a feeling, or emotion, a negative energy that eats at you, your heart, mind, body, and soul. Can you overcome it?

The song title itself, feels like an anthem, a yearning to break free. That mantra, a meditative frame of mind, once focused, finding your center. A reminder, to not give up. Those obstacles that held you back, they are no more.

Powerful lyrics, and vocals, plus an energized melody flow together in unison. Creating positive vibes throughout. This is a song that is unique, special, moving, and powerful. If you ever needed a song that digs deep into your heart, mind, body, and soul. This is one of those, a treasure to keep always.

Music Video: “Release Me” is work of art, this music video is marvelous. Connecting on another level, with its visuals, and imagery. From beautiful vistas, to a city night lit up with lights, to the shift from day to night, the sun, and moon, cascade from one another. Creating a vibe, within the song.


Release Me, music video


“Release Me” is available now

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