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We Are Silent Koalas, Vol 2

French label Silent Koalas bursts back onto the scene with new compilation album

Every once in a while, a release comes along that picks you up, takes you by surprise, inspires, and uplifts you. “We Are Silent Koalas, Volume 2” is just such an album. Consisting of no less than TWENTY-FOUR DELIGHTFUL TRACKS, this album contains something for every lover of finer, nuanced melodic house music.

This album is going to take the electronic music world by storm, sure to impress DJs and improve their sets instantaneously. The fan will appreciate all of the intricate layers and lush work that went into the production here: introspective, dreamy moods and emotions to sweep you away. You will definitely want to check out this exciting new release and add it to your music collection.


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