Discoveries with Summer Melody – June 2020

Welcome back to another Discoveries with Summer Melody. Despite the fact that this column is now monthly (instead of bi-monthly), we will continue to share our discovery of new artists and/or music from the melodic progressive community, from us on Summer Melody.

For today’s edition, different than the usual artist presentation, this will be a more label-based sharing. We would like to share one of our highlights and wonderful compilation series of the label, the Summer Melodies compilation series.

The Summer Melodies compilation series aims to discover and share the sounds of new and uprising artists, as well as artists who you need to keep an eye on. From the start of creating the label, we have released four volumes, including over 30 new names and over 30 tracks to the label.

Some of the tracks from the compilation further developed with remix releases, and some of the artists have become close to the label and continue to release more music. We have some of our favourite artists that we would like to introduce further here.

Summer Melodies Vol.1

As our first installment, the compilation included several new names into the label, and some of them have become key label contributors, such as Karl Blue, L_DG and PoLYED. Borena‘s Alive is one of the unique entries of the compilation, a progressive trance track with rolling bass lines and powerful chords, as well as the summer vibes it provided as it was released in July 2018.

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Summer Melodies Vol.2

Continuing with more new names, the second volume consists of 9 tracks, with the returning faces of Bruno Alves, MLDJ and the pairing of Dim Val Pol and PoLYED. Some new and unique names to the label included: Secret Garden, Skyline Project, Kirill Maxsimoff, IPeiqi and Seen (who is now known as Seen The Shadow).

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Summer Melodies Vol.3

Another 8 track setup, the third installment has the familar names of Dim Val Pol, Marcel Vautier and Adam Sein, but also includes Saint Beyer, Daniel Corner and Sedium as new recruitments of the label, with the first two becoming regular label contributors as well.

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Summer Melodies Vol.4

This volume includes such familiar names to the label as The Husky, Saint Beyer and Digital Energy, with new artists providing surprises, such as Skyhunter, Andrew Frenir, Sunsetter and Deidian. Especially for Andrew Frenir’s track in the compilation, Nobody Like You became a New Year favourite of 2020, a beautiful blend of progressive house and trance with a mesmerizing guitar melody and atmospheric chords and pads.

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Summer Melodies Vol.5

Just around the corner, the fifth installment of this compilation will be available, exactly after half a year, on July 3 on Beatport (July 17 worldwide on all stores). Continuing to have more new names, there are particular artists that you should keep an eye on in the future, such as MaxLoop, Josiah1 and Imperss. The compilation also includes Summer Melody regulars like Caira and Bruno Alves, both having second appearances on this compilation series.


Last but not least, with the release of our 5th volume of Summer Melodies, we just hope that you could support their work, by purchasing or streaming their tracks, to encourage their development as an artist and help them continue to deliver great music.

We also would like to say that not only would we like to have more new names shine through this compilation series, but we also would deeply like to have some of the names from the past to return. With the disappearance of great labels and artists in the past 5 years or more (for example Sunset Melodies, Perplexity Music, Outlook, Kozoro, Japeboy, just to name a few), we as Summer Melody have been trying to contact some of them and invite them back to the scene for originals and remixes. We hope one day, we could reunite some of the nearly forgotten names and sounds, back to the present to be heard again.

We hope you like our sharing, and please follow us, Summer Melody, on socials and here for more posts, updates and music releases! Thanks!

About Summer Melody:
Summer Melody is a label for deep and melodic progressive house/trance. Not only would we like to share our favourite music to everyone, we would also like to promote lesser known artists, releases on our label and showcase their work. Our label is co-owned by several artists, who are also artists who have released on other known progressive labels, such as Synth Collective, Soluna Music, Pineapple Digital and more. We aim to be as favourable as the past/present labels such as Sunset Melodies, PHW, Makira Records, Perplexity Music and more, and have our love on progressive being shared.


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