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Rozen – “Phazon: Metroid Saga”

Album: Phazon: Metroid Saga
Producer, Sound Design: Rozen
Additional collaborations with:
Arrangement, and Orchestration: David Peacock, REVEN
Performances by: The Sofia Session Orchestra, ETHEReal String Orchestra, Larry Salzman
Additional credits: Theophany, Jeff Galindo, Album Cover by:
Lukasz Sienkiewicz
Release on: Mecha Dream Records

Mission Overview: Prime
It was twenty one years ago, when the Metroid series evolved. Beyond 2D pixels, it was reborn in 3D. From the opening cinematic, seeing the inside of a Metroid, a creature that was part jellyfish, and parasite, or more of a Xenomorph as it could evolve within the narrative. The series was known for timeless music, and Prime delivered some unforgettable themes. What made it unique, was that it took on a more electronic hybrid sound style. Every area you explore, the atmosphere would shift in tone, energy, creating an immersive experience, as Samus ventured into the unknown. With the recent remaster of the first entry in the 3D series, the music touches even more hearts once more.

Phazon: Metroid Saga
Recapturing that magic, instilled by the game, this album is comprised of eight tracks. Eight unforgettable themes, that have become a part of the Metroid fandoms memories

1) Phazon
The energy, and source by which the Space pirates have sought out for power and wealth. Unknowingly tapping into a source of unfathomable energy that could change everything. Also used to tap into their members, that become super hostile, and powerful. While it being also the cluster, that is connected to the foreign being that crashed on Tallon many years ago.

2) Samus Aran
Exploring the mythos, and legacy with the timeless “Samus Theme”, which is well known for being the triumphant, and stimulating track that delivers excitement, and relief that the journey is won. Or just beginning

3) Tallon IV Overworld
This song instills hope, wonder, and excitement the moment it begins to play. It is as if the creatures that dwell on this planet begin to sing to you, as you wander. Changing its environment, with every boss defeated, or key areas unlocked, to the planet healing.

4) Lower Brinstar
A classic track from Super Metroid (Metroid 3). An area that is timeless, with the unknown at your fingertips, and abilities you need to traverse this treacherous place.

5) Magmoor Caverns
This toasty area, lets you known how it is, with steam filling up your visor. The heat scorching across, and vast terrain, you must dive into to get further into your adventure.

6) Kraid’s Lair
Plus an unforgettable boss from the past games: Kraid, a tension filled, chaotic theme that keeps you on your toes. Facing unsurmountable odds against a giant angry creature, throwing its spikes at you, dodging, jumping, and trying to find its weak spot.

7) Meta Ridley
Ridley’s new form, after losing in the last battle. The fierce space pirate now has new additions to his body. No longer the being he was before, more of a mecha, but still angry as it was once before. Its theme takes on a more ferocious, and hybrid beat that instills tension, and chills with every dodge you can muster.

8) Metroid Prime
The final boss of the first Prime entry. A being of immense power, its first form was a giant crustacean, while its evolution takes on a more hybrid form, with glaring eyes, and shape that has adapted from its species evolution. Leading to a difficult battle, and conclusion that changes the series forever.

Throughout each song, it is comprised of the timeless things that fans are familiar with. Plus an incredible orchestration in key tracks, including amazing vocal performances from Sofia Session, and ETHEReal. This album is amazing, mixing together hybrid sound styles, and unforgettable themes.

If you loved the Metroid series, this album is a must own in your music library. It is available now

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