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Everything But the Girl – “Fuse”

Album: Fuse
Production, Sound Design, Singer, Songwriters: Tracey Thorn, Ben Watt
Label: Buzzin Fly
Release: Out Now

A while back, this amazing duo of Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt released a song called “Missing”. It was on the radio, plus remixed numerous times. But the most memorable version was the original, and Todd Terry’s interpretation. I remember it well, because it was on a rainy night, when I was watching an episode of Friends when I first heard it. Gosh it has been so long.

Later, I looked back on their discography. They had been making music for a long, long while. Since the 80’s, this awesome team released poetry, and art, for many years. But they took a bit of a break, to re-emerge this year; a new album evolved, eager to capture new hearts with their sound, and bring back old fans too.

A few months ago when I heard the news, I made sure to review one of their earlier releases from the new album. Plus, I made a promise to review the album in its entirety. Welcome to “FUSE”: A ten track release that explores the heart, soul, mind, and body.

1) Nothing Left to Lose
2) Run a Red Light
3) Caution to the Wind
4) When You Mess Up
5) Time and Time Again
6) No One Knows We’re Dancing
7) Lost
8) Forever
9) Interior Space
10) Karaoke

From how we communicate, to the feeling of being unable to reach another, loneliness, loss, healing, breakdowns, fear, anxiety, or the thoughts we have when trying to find a calm space… Each track feels like a chapter, that connects to us all. What we experience, the here, now, what makes us who we are. The use of instruments, atmosphere, lyrics, and vocals. They feel as if no time was lost since we last heard from Tracey and Ben.

“Fuse” is an album that explores so much about the human element. It is a journey of these artists, and how they connect to us, where we have all been, and where we have yet to go. The things they have experienced, this is their story, a piece of their puzzle that forms something amazing.

I write this review as a longtime fan of their work. Being able to write about a new album after so long is an astonishing feeling. For anyone who has ever listened to their past works, or is a new fan discovering the art these amazing artists have created, “Fuse” is a must-own in your music library – whether it be physical, cd, vinyl, or digital.

For more info about EBTG, and the journey from then to now, be sure to visit their official website.
EBTG official Youtube Channel

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