BT – The Secret Language of Trees

Album: The Secret Language of Trees
Producer, Sound Design: BT
Label: MonsterCat Silk
Release: July 11th 2023

In the long running sound design journey, BT has explored numerous ideas, concepts, creativity, and expression. Within “This Binary Universe,” he tapped into thoughts, dreams, hopes, and wishes, pushing for a future that could be. Throughout the years, this chapter has ventured into various soundscapes, with more vast imagination than before, in a way that is different than any other artist has conceived.

Every album is an experience, turn up the volume, get lost in the sound. Whether it be past, or present works, there is something special within every release, collaboration, or remix. But when it comes to a solo project, it can be a meditative, spiritual journey.

Within “The Secret Language of Trees” it takes your senses, mind, body, and soul on a unique journey unlike any other album before. Nature has its own language, through light, sound, frequency, reach, weather, temperature, and the wildlife that dwells on, and inside of it.

Similar to nature, technology is like a tree. It connects, speaks to, and can reach a vast distance, literally a tree of knowledge. A web of information, music, lyrics, and instruments, it uses to enhance the journey.

Each track within this beautiful release is of equations, psyche, energy, atmosphere, communication, and emotion. This ten-track album is a fantastic journey, it is part of an art, music, and algorithm-based project, paving the way for creativity, and ideas to evolve.

The Tracklist
1) The Turing Test
2) Good Evening Mrs. Lovelace
3) K – Means Clustering
4) Meet Her in the Mines
5) Berlin
6) Deep Fake
7) Time Moves So Fast
8) Embers
9) Kia Ora
10) Depth of Field

Extra note: there are additional producer’s cuts of each track. These are extended cuts of each song that expand your experience.

All ten tracks are a fascinating, deep dive into what makes technology, and machine learning vast. Complicated, yet like nature, finds a way to connect with us. This album is on another level. An art form that is meant to be studied, analyzed, and enjoyed.

BT’s “The Secret Language of Trees” is available now

In addition to this album, there will be a special digital art selection that is connected through the album. Be sure to keep your eye on BT’s socials to find out more soon.

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