Waiting for You (Illitheas remix)

Album: Waiting for You (Illitheas remix)
Lyrics and vocals, by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, sound design (original mix): Cosmaks
Producer, sound design (remix): Illitheas
Label: Abora Progressive
Out now

Waiting for You (original mix) released a short while ago, set the bar on the energy, style, and vibe of this amazing track. Illitheas remix touches the track with it’s own magic, and takes it to another level.

Close your eyes, picture your favorite place to clear your mind. Go there. Find your center. Connect to that feeling.

That mindset, imagery, feels, and emotions, is what the awesome remix by Illitheas taps into. A place free from worry, sadness, with joy, inner peace, and love. It is an energy filled remix, with Hidden Tigress’s fantastic, and dreamy vocals. Takes your heart, mind, and soul on a journey. From beginning to end, it is an incredible remix that compliments the original, with even more positive vibes, imagery, and heart.

A must add to your music library, and shared with other music lovers that connect with tunes on a different level. Also be sure to hit replay, it is so good, you cannot just enjoy it once. +Vibes, and energy guaranteed.

Plus a beautiful, and phenomenal music video that also is a part of the experience. Let it take you away
Waiting for You (Illitheas remix) music video

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