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JES, Space Motion – “Universe”

Album: Universe
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: JES
Producer, Sound Design: Space Motion
Label: Exit Soundscape

From the moment the melody builds, plus JES’s mesmerizing vocals come together to create a work of art. A celebration of life, music, positive vibes. An anthem of unity, music connects us, our hearts, and energy as well. The melody throughout this new release, is an awesome collaboration of Space Motion (whom previously remixed an amazing past release from JES, “I Won’t Let You Fall”), creating an immersive, and beautiful song.

“Universe” is a beautiful track that builds hype, lifts you up, makes you want to raise your hands in the air, and lose yourself in the vocals and melody singing together as one. It is a feel good track, that make you smile, feel that awe in wonder, as the song flows around you. There is something magical that cannot be defined when listening, you feel it from start to finish. “Universe” is incredible.

Music Video

The music video for “Universe” takes place during a venue, a group of friends get together to see a show. The energy is high, the crowd is massive, the music hits. Everyone feels it, the sensation, the magic, the love. As the vocals kick in, the atmosphere, energy, and flow all celebrate that happiness, joy, and wonder. “Universe” is a love letter to everyone that enjoys music, and sharing that is the best feeling anyone can have.

“Universe” is out now, available on all digital stores. A definite must add to your library, and playlist.

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