Faded Whisper

Album: Faded Whisper
Producer: Thomas Lloyd
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Label: Kinected Recordings
Release: Out Now

From the hyped energy within the opening, connecting to the mesmerizing, and breathtaking vocals. This track delivers warmth, heart, and soul. From imagery, to feels that connect all over, a sensation that is surreal.
How a song makes you feel, it can be so many sensations, emotions, and feelings. A moment with someone close, every you make eye contact, words leave you, no words spoken, just drawn to one another.

There is something special, irresistible, magical within this track. From the opening melody and beat, it captures that essence, a feeling, an excitement, a flame inside. The sound style feels like a heartbeat, steadily beating faster throughout the song, connecting with the melody, it becomes more intense as it explores every emotion, connection, and that rush within we all feel. Within Hidden Tigress’s beautiful, and captivating lyrics and vocals, it connects to that magic, a flow or rush of energy that takes hold. When you close your eyes, you feel every word, that inertia, a rush, where every word, emotion is drawn out. You feel connected, that vibe, spark, and love.

This song, listen, let it flow through you. It is beautiful, and encapsulates that feeling of love, joy, passion, and fire deep within us all.

Available on Spotify

Plus a beautiful, and mesmerizing music video that compliments this incredible song

Faded Whisper

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