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Song Review: Just Believe

Song info: Just Believe
Lyrics, and vocals by singer/songwriter: JES
Production, and sound design by: TyDi
Label: Magik Musik, a sub label of Black Hole Recordings
Release: Out Now

Another marvelous release, from the collaboration of two amazing, and creative hearts of JES, and TyDi. Hopeful, yet on the mend from heartbreak, to wanting love, joy, and something more. This song touches on the most important things we all want, serenaded by astonishing vocals, with lyrics that touch your heart, and soul. To the things we do, say, want to say, but do not have the words. To motivations, hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires. Something we all seek, want, need, to complete who we are.

Like their past releases, JES and TyDi deliver an amazing song once more. From lessons learned, to things we have bounced back from, growth, change, and hope, to believe in something more out there. What makes us feel, express, break down, or celebrate. This tune, also connects on another level, with a catchy beat, plus JES’s lyrics, and vocals that flow throughout TyDi’s incredible sound style. The flow, energy, and melody are like a dream, it was meant to be. This incredible tune is a must add to your library. It is out now, available everywhere

By the way, this is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Press play, and enjoy, or dance too

Plus an awesome music video, that compliments this astonishing song
Just Believe music video

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