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Derek Palmer, Hidden Tigress – Always You

Album: Always You
Lyrics and vocals, by singer, songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, sound design, and music video editing by: Derek Palmer
Remixes by: Gabrielle AG, Alan Santy
Release on: Nahawand Recordings

Original Mix:
Where to begin? First, this release is incredible, beautiful, heartfelt, moving, powerful, and magical. The opening melody sets the mood, energy, and hype, then builds up to something mesmerizing, capturing the luscious vocals and lyrics.

From each piece, it is like water flowing, with the waves, crashing into a dance with one another. It is a work of art, from start to finish. Hidden Tigress’s lyrics and vocals capture that passion, vibe, love, and energy that a heart contains, that warmth, fire, and deep feels. Her lyrics and vocals are like a paintbrush, with the melody being a canvas, expression, heart, and soul are the artwork that create the mood and art itself, this song is a marvel. “Always You” is a masterpiece that will stay with you forever, always.

Gabrielle AG Remix: Club vibes, from the opening, to lyrics and vocals seamlessly serenade, and flow perfectly with the energy, and beat. Working as one, this remix dishes out a sweet take of an already incredible song.

It feels as if it was made for the game Tekken, which by the way lives by Trance as its heartbeat. Gabrielle’s remix captures the vibe, and essence of the lyrics and vocals, and dishes out hype like no other.

Alan Santy Remix: This amazing remix compliments the original track, but a deep heartbeat vibe, then branches with a melodic flow, serenaded by piano, a hybrid mix.

Beautiful, and captures the essence perfectly. It takes it time washing the listener with inner calm, serenity, a meditative frame of mind, clarity. Then as it builds again, it releases a burst of energy cascading throughout.

Music Videos:
(Original Mix)
(Gabrielle AG Remix)
(Alan Santy Remix)

Each of these videos is incredible, beautiful, and majestic. A must see. Let it serenade your heart, mind, and soul.

“Always You” is available now, and deserves to be part of your music library.

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