Hidden Tigress – Infinite Space (Exeland Remix)

Album: Infinite Space (Exeland Remix)
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers (original mix: Neonica, Trance Reserve
Release on: Abora Progressive (sub label of Abora Recordings)
Out now on Beatport (later date for all digital music stores)

Where do you go to clear your mind? Somewhere special? A place under the stars? Wherever that might be, may it one that is wonderful. That is how this remix feels, it takes your mind, and energy to another place. A blend of the already dazzling, and majestic lyrics, and vocals from the phenomenal artist Hidden Tigress, with a vibrant, and majestic sound style by Exeland.

Within this beautiful remix, it literally feels like you are on a journey, leaving this planet, heading to somewhere beyond the stars. From the start, it gradually builds its melody, cascading with gentle vibes, then picking up through the lyrics, flowing as if lifting off the ground. That floating feeling sets in, while keeping at a calm level, just get lost in the sound as it takes you away.

Exeland presents an awesome remix, in two flavors, remix, and an extended cut. Both versions are amazing. This remix, compliments the original mix by Neonica, and Trance Reserve, but takes it to another level. Delivering that vibe of getting lost, looking at the stars, and being bathed by the energy they give, whether it by yourself, or with someone special. The imagery it displays is a marvel, wrapping you in warmth, heart, and soul.

Infinite Space (Exeland Remix) is available exclusive on Beatport now (later date for all digital music stores)
Be sure to keep up with Abora Progressive for more amazing releases.

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