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Artist Spotlight: Bentley Jones

Fifteen years in the music industry, then to now. An artist driven to create, share their story, plus connect to hearts and minds around the world. Finding a vibe within different genres, reaching music lovers. But wait, every artist’s journey has a beginning, and that is where we will begin. At the start.

[In the Beginning]

I found out about this amazing talent from Overclocked Remix, a video game remix music site. Within its then growing music library, OCR hosted some of this artist’s works. In addition, already launching an indie label, called “Remix Factory” which also built connections various talents around the world. For example: Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Madonna, and many more. But also working with international artists, like the legendary J-Pop idol Ayumi Hamasaki (also known for her voice acting, plus a singer, and songwriter)

Eventually these collabs lead to more projects, for one, Sonic 2006, where the artist created a track called “Dreams of An Absolution” for the game. The song connects to the theme of the characters, trying to save the day, against all odds, but feeling as if all for naught. But never giving up hope, there is a way to get through this obstacle. It is one of those timeless songs, that continue to resonate with fans.

The musical journey:
“Trans//Lation” [Japan Exclusive] A collaboration project with Jeff Miyahara, a longtime singer, songwriter who worked alongside many talented artists including Ayumi Hamasaki (whom which enjoyed what Bentley created). Other talents Jeff worked with: Timbaland, Pharell, Boyz II Men, and many more around the world. The amazing part about this album: it would feature the artists works in a bilingual level, in Japanese, and English. It would be Bentley’s debut album under the EMI music label.

“So Much More” (theme song of Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing)
The intro song, to one of the most wildest racing game sims ever. But an album that also contains some fun ideas, including, “U Won’t 4 Get Me” Bentley’s anthem, and theme song of his life, “Swing Baby” a very hip and cool song to groove to, “Alpha Dog” a teaser of a future release, and remixes of the song “So Much More” utilizing his Remix Factory signature sound style. An energy that gets you moving, grooving, and bopping to the beat.

“Finally Free”
A memoir, of the artists journey thus far. Capturing the ups, and downs, hits, and misses. And life itself, the challenges of being different, unique, and trying to find your own voice, while feeling lost within a world of so many voices. How does one speak to identify their craft or talent? Through their own works, their story. A biography, through music, each chapter a deep dive into your life.

“Trans//Lation Vol. 2”
The second album, within the bilingual journey. Tapping into classic songs, with a unique spin you have never heard before.

“Upgrade 1.0” (Japan Edition)
An exclusive album that showcased more of Bentley’s talent, plus collaborating their works crafting something fresh. A hybrid evolution, connecting with other artists, harnessing what makes them special.

“The Place Where Dreaming Ends”
A mini album, containing five songs. But don’t judge it by its content alone. This contains a journey of feels, ups and downs. Inspirations, healing, obstacles, and something completely different

“Defying Gravity”
An album that touches on classics, inspirations, and the heart’s moving paintbrush. Songs that makes you feel, connect to your mind, heart, and soul. The uplifting, the obstacles, and the moments you take on anything in your way.

“Upgrade 1.0” (International Edition)
The “Best of” album, collecting the artists works from the past, to present. Including exclusive songs, only released overseas. This collection is magical, and a good time. Also some of these released tracks are included in one playlist, with the Japan Edition

“Trans//Lation Vol. 3” (The Complete Anthology)
A collection, of classic songs, featured in four chapters, from past to present. Plus new songs featured exclusively for this album. Including a special song released for Tekken Pachi-Slot “Your Sunrise”. Composer/Arranger: Taku Inoue (from Tekken Sound Team)

Chapter 1: Home
Chapter 2: Inspire
Chapter 3: Play
Chapter 4: Epilogue

“The Rebellion”
An evolution, a growth, a more mature album. Everything held deep down inside, the words that come together to create art. Getting through pain, bringing people together, having one voice, but also obstacles of being different. This is an album, an anthem, a moment to shine even through the dark times.

“My December” (The Closing of the Year Reissued Deluxe)
A compilation of two amazing albums. Covers of timeless songs, and treasures. Including original songs, and remixes. The Deluxe edition is exclusive to Bentley’s online merch store. Where the digital album, is presented in two parts. The Deluxe contains even more amazing goodies.

Part one

Part two

Another astonishing chapter in this artist’s journey. An evolution, but also displays their talent, artistry, and unique voice within their lyrics, and vocals.

A collection of remixes, featuring songs from Unravelling. An awesome, and uplifting mix containing: EDM, Alt Rock, and chillout renditions, guaranteed to get you moving. Plus a bonus playlist, which includes a full non stop club mix, this set is exclusive to Bentley’s music shop.

“Unravelling” (Deluxe)
Contains bonus songs, not released in the original release. The complete version of the album. Which includes the original album, unreleased songs, plus the remix album all in one amazing collection.

“Finally Freed” (B.MIX.D. Vol.2)
A remix album, revisiting the fan favorite album “Finally Free”. Containing remastered songs from the album, plus exclusive tracks. The physical release of this remix album, contains the album unedited version of this release.

Trans//Lated 10th Anniversary Album
Celebrating ten years of the classic release. Containing classic J-Pop songs, that inspired Bentley, and his journey thus far. Plus some new songs are included with this anniversary edition.

“The Examined Life is Not Worth Living” [Latest Release]
Every song is a story, it contains a part of a person’s life. The road travelled, choices made, connections, heartbreaks, depression, healing, strength, a moment to pause and breathe, a meditative frame of mind. But also a reflection of who you used to be, and who you are now. This is Bentley Jones. This is their story. A sixteen track lead epic, that takes its listeners on a journey, from then to now. Like an art exhibit in a museum, a collection of artwork, throughout history displaying its heart and soul.

How to summarize an artist in a few words? To be honest, that is the most challenging part of writing about a creative talent. They go through so many journeys, trials, obstacles, and arcs. There are no repeating chapters ever. From what began as an idea, to create something unique, a persona, a branch of oneself. A celebration of life, the unwavering spirit, and breaking through various barriers with their art.

I am honored to share Bentley Jones’s journey with more music fans. Lyrics and vocals contain a story, a part of one’s heart and soul, you are listening to what they feel, and want to say. Happy anniversary to your works, and happy birthday dear friend. To many more amazing adventures.

If you would like to know more about the artist, be sure to visit their website. It contains their bios, music releases, collaborations, merch, and more. All of this can be found at BentleyJones.com

Also if you want to listen to this artist’s works on Spotify, here is their official HQ. The Bentley Jones Spotify collection

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