“Midnight Despair”

Album: Midnight Despair
Lyrics and vocals by: Hidden Tigress
Producer: A.L.Y.S.
Label: Yeiskomp Records
Release: Out Now

Late at night, alone with your thoughts, tossing, turning, unable to sleep. Restless, the weight of the world on your shoulders. Darkness, a dark cloud, every emotion bubbling to the surface. We have all felt those motions. Mind racing, things that push us to our limits, striving to find answers.

“Midnight Despair” touches on so many layers, the feels of what we all go through, the human heart, mind, body, and soul. Where we feel all alone in the world. No one else is listening.

This is a song that explores a deeper layer, the person, the psyche within. What keeps us going, or makes us fall apart, to find the strength to make ourselves whole once more.

Self doubt that plants a seed, how to overcome it from choking us. Break free from its grasp, to find yourself, to not let it take over.

ALYS’s sound style, along with Hidden Tigress’s incredible, and moving lyrics, plus amazing vocals deliver emotions, with thought provoking energy, plus themes on another level. Looking deep within, the balance, and strength to keep going. To never give up.

Music video:
Midnight Despair
A work of art, that displays both light, and darkness. Light touches everything, while darkness cascades it all in shadows. A balance, of who we are, and want to be, even in times when hope feels lost. Light that gives us a compass, a path to keep going, to battle the darkness that resides in us all.

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