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We Are Friends Vol. 11 – Deadmau5 and Friends

Album Info: We Are Friends Vol. 11
A release by the Mau5: Deadmau5
Label: Mau5Trap

We Are Friends is a collection of various talents, dreamers, thinkers, and doers. Artists from all over the world, banding together to create something: awesome, badass, mind-blowing, sick, and an experience throughout. Each track is a celebration of life, energy, vibes, tranquility, harmony, spiritual, and epic. There are over 20+ tracks total in this awesome release. Press play, and crank it up!

Each track tells a story, a flow, an inertia all its own. From start to finish, it unravels through expansive sound, melody, beats, and expression. Inspired by sounds of the past, with a heart beating in the present. From French House, to the flow of Ministry of Sound, Kraftwerk, and many more. This is a beat you cannot stop, won’t stop, just let it be.

Let the Mau5 be your guide on this magical journey.

Here is the awesome track list:
Antisec – with YTCracker
Xyz – by the Mau5
Transitory – Kasablanca
Another Day – Lamorn
All I Need – Vania, Morgin Madison
Buried – DustyCloud
Never Enough – Bensley
Feel You (Beside Me) – Lupa
You’re My Ecstasy – Dj Dee
Hold Your Attention – Psycho Boys Club
Tempted – Mari Ferrari
Xyz (Nero Remix)
I Like Math – Pedestrian Tactics
Mike and Nina – Ralto
Klubslaya – Eddie
Soul – Speaker Honey
Become the Machine – Ghost Dance
Zone 62 – Maison Ware
Plastic Snow – Ashe
11:11 – Star Seed
Rain – Allsky, Wintersix
Burning Inside – Who’s John
Show Me – SVNF8
Shattered Pieces – Sysdemes, Sarah Yong
Ephemera – Shadowstar
So Says the Sea – Astrobear

This amazing album is available everywhere now.

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