Alexander de Roy, Hidden Tigress – “See the Light”

Album: See The Light
Lyrics and Vocals by, Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design: Alexander De Roy
Label: We Are Trance JoyRide Music
Release: Out Now Everywhere

Close your eyes, take your mind to a place free from worries, stress, and just feel the flow. This song taps into that type of feeling, sensation, and energy within Alexander De Roy’s incredible mix. An emotion, freedom, a meditative state of mind and being. Colors, dreams, thoughts, time stands still, a moment to pause, clarity, as if the waves mean so much more.

The waves illustrated through Hidden Tigress’s beautiful lyrics, and vocals serenade the senses. Like a painting coming together, as the paintbrush takes on different colors, textures, expressions, creating something wonderful in your minds eye, and making a work of art.

“See the Light” is so much more than a song alone, it is an experience. A must own, within your music library.

Plus a beautiful, and breathtaking music video

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