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Markus Schulz – The Rabbit Hole Circus

Album: The Rabbit Hole Circus
Producer, Sound Design: Markus Schulz
Collaborations with: Haliene, Melody Mane, Sarah de Warren, Diandra Faye, Pretty Poison, Dan Soleil, Shaun Jacobs, Radmilla Lolly, Emma Hewitt, Adina Butar
Release on: Black Hole Recordings

This is a journey of an artist, one of magic, wonder, heartbreak, redemption, growth, and evolution. Twelve songs that unfurl so many emotions, thoughts, dreams, and hopes. Beyond a simple word, a feeling, a driving force, a heartbeat that takes you to places never thought possible.

The Rabbit Hole Circus defines itself as something unique, unlike any past releases. To me, as a listener, I would call it Markus’s “Magical Mystery Tour”. It explores different soundscapes, lyrics, and vocals with each artist that connect throughout each track. Each one is different, but captures a memory, a feeling, a vocal point that celebrates life, its changes, and defines who we are.

1) Death of a Star, vocals by Haliene
2) Stay Gold, vocals by Melody Mane
3) Light On, vocals by Sarah de Warren
4) Eternally, vocals by Diandra Faye
5) Stolen, vocals by Pretty Poison
6) More Than This, vocals by Dan Soliel
7) Guide Me, vocals by Shaun Jacobs
8) I Fly To You, vocals by Radmilla Lolly
9) Voiceless
10) Till We Fade, vocals by Emma Hewitt
11) Liquid Night
12) Waves of High, vocals by Adina Butar

The Rabbit Hole Circus is an incredible album, a part of an artist’s history, passion, expression, and talent. From start to finish it is excellence, humanity, and wonder. This fantastic journey is available now.

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