Discoveries with Summer Melody – May 2020 Part 1

Here’s another Discoveries with Summer Melody. This bi-monthly post series would share our new discovery of artists or music from the melodic progressive community, from us on Summer Melody.

For today’s sharing, we would introduce more artists who have released on our label, we have Kirill Maxsimoff, Karl Blue and of course Adam Sein.


1. Kirill Maxsimoff

Kirill Maxsimoff debuts on Summer Melodies Vol.2 with his track Rising Of The Sun. His style mixed deep house with progressive elements and before his appearance on Summer Melody, he has been creating tracks on his Soundcloud page and self-releasing several tracks. He later then released the remixes of Rising Of The Sun, and a collab with Chinese producer IPeiqi, called The First Dawn. Recently his newest release, Shadow Play / Gerda EP is now available on Beatport (May 15 on all stores), hope you could appreciate his work by supporting this new release!



2. Karl Blue

One of artists who has been with the label since few releases after the label’s creation, Swedish producer Karl Blue is an uprising artist, debut from Summer Melodies Vol.1 with Morning Breeze. After that, he has been provides us with couple of great tracks and remixes, including two remixes releases on Morning Breeze, Voyage / Lift Off EP, and after few years with Marcel Vautier on Lift Off / Ahead (Remixed). We are looking forward to hear more from him!



3. Adam Sein

One of our most impressive artists that we have discovered, of course we have to mention about this Moldovan producer Adam Sein. Thanks to MLDJ, he introduced us with Adam Sein, and with his debut EP Remember / Lazy Summer, he gained popularity within the progressive community and has been recognized by our progressive peers and friends from other labels, such as Tuemckey on Synth Collective. He later released his remix on Lauren Schrader’s (fka Kamron Schrader) Hidden Beauty, Winter Tales on Summer Melodies Vol.3 and his track Dreamers.

Upcoming in June, we will be releasing another track from him, called Fields Of Serenity, with 3 new remixes from different veterans who will also debut on the label. Yet he mentioned that due to the current situation, he would not be able to produce for a while, so please do support him by purchasing or streaming his releases on multiple platforms! We are also looking forward for any new productions, or even collabs from him, wish him all the best!


We hope you like our sharing, and feel free to follow them on their socials. Also please follow us Summer Melody on socials and here for more posts, updates and music releases! Thanks! And be safe!

About Summer Melody:
Summer Melody is a label for deep and melodic progressive house/trance. Not only would we like to share our favourite music to everyone, we would also like to promote lesser known artists, releases on our label and showcase their work. Our label is co-owned by several artists, who are also artists who have released on other known progressive labels, such as Synth Collective, Soluna Music, Pineapple Digital and more. We aim to be as favourable as the past/present labels such as sunsetmelodies, PHW, Makira Records and more, and have our love on progressive being shared.


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