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BT – “Emotional Technology” (20 years later)

Album: Emotional Technology
Producer, Sound Design: BT
Label: Black Hole Recordings Binary Acoustics
Release: 2003

Original Release:
August 2003
The original album featured twelve unique songs
1) The Meeting of a Hundred Yang
2) Knowledge of Self
3) Somnambulist
4) The Force of Gravity
5) Dark Heart Dawning
6) The Great Escape
8) Circles
9) The Last Moment of Clarity
10) Communicate
11) Animals
12) The Only Constant is Change

Within Emotional Technology, BT collaborated with numerous talents to give the album its unique energy, personality, and character throughout the album. Each song told a story, about BT’s journey through music, from his early beginnings, to finding identity in creativity.

Collaborations include: Guru, Rasco, JC Chasez, Caroline Lavelle, Wildchild, Karina Ware, and many more.

Platinum Edition:
Featuring additional tracks, remixes from the original album by well known legends within the trance, house, and club scene

1) Somnambulist (Mark Norman Remix)
2) Love in the Time of Thieves
3) The Force of Gravity (Tiesto remix)
4) Somnambulist (Junkie XL Vocal Mix)
5) Superfabulous (Toksin’s Rawshaker Mix)
6) The Force of Gravity (Dylan Rhymes Push Up Mix)
7) Kimosabe (Hyper Remix)
8) Communicate (Toksin’s Narcan Remix)
9) Somnambulist (Sander Kleinenberg’s Convertible Mix)

Emotional Technology revisited numerous tracks from the album, with a twist from various producers around the world. These remixes are incredible, each one has a different sound style that gives the original songs are new spin. From Tiesto, to Junkie XL, Mark Norman, and a new unreleased song from the album “Love in the Time of Thieves”

Music Videos
Somnambulist “Simply Being Loved”

“Love in the Time of Thieves”

Where to buy the album?
Magik Muzik Shop




Although it has been twenty years since the albums release, it is a phenomenal, and essential album that should be part of your music library. From ups and downs, to high energy, mellow, joy, pain, and sadness. Every emotion is touched upon. Emotional Technology is music that you feel.

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