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Anna Yvette – Cloud Choir

Album: Cloud Choir
Lyrics and vocals, by singer/songwriter/producer: Anna Yvette
Release on: Mother Unicorn Productions

From lessons learned, to being turned away, to pushing beyond what is possible. Anna Yvette’s journey with music has had its ups and downs, but she kept on going. Never giving up on what drives her, that passion, and creative energy. From then to now, she has grown as an artist, evolving her craft into who she is today.

Within Cloud Choir, it takes on an 80’s noir vibe, similar to “Blade Runner”. Intense, moody, dark, melodic, yet there is a shifting tone that draws you in the further you listen. Each layer is a deep dive into her journey, story, obstacles, breakthrough, and growth. Even when down, she was not out, but kept on fighting, never giving up. Promises made, to promises broken. Dreams, hopes, and wishes. This is her story, Mother Unicorn, who she was then and now. An artist, a creative heart, and inspirational talent

“Cloud Choir” the music video is an art form unto itself, it is mesmerizing and captures the energy within this powerful track.

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