JES – All or Nothing

Album: All or Nothing
Producer, Lyrics, and vocals by singer/songwriter: JES
Mastering, sound design, co-producer: Kris O Neil
Label: Magik Muzik

When you think of someone special, what runs through your mind? Images? Memories? Emotions? Or something more? What drew you to that individual? Where are you now? Everything you have ever wanted to say, express, dream of, do. It is all on the table, you give your all. But have they? This song expresses those connections, vibes, that magnetism. It asks what comes from deep down inside your heart.

“All or Nothing” captures that essence, and connection we all yearn for. If you had someone special in your life, given your all to them, do they connect to you or feel like they are miles away. Drawing from JES’s lyrics and vocals, there is something powerful within. It is beyond music alone, it is a deeper vibe, what love means beyond just a four letter word. What draws us to another person, what makes us whole, to feel complete.

Kris O’ Neil is an awesome collaborator in the music, with an ever growing presence. Working with JES, that is an awesome achievement. As an artist, creative talent, and an evolving spark. Be sure to keep an eye out for this artist as well.

“All or Nothing” is available at digital music stores now. A must add to your music library.

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