Dennis Sheperd, JES – “By My Side”

Album: By My Side
Lyrics and vocals by: JES
Producer: Dennis Sheperd
Labels: Magik Muzik
Sub-label of Black Hole Recordings
Release: Out Now

This new track, an awesome collaboration with JES, and Dennis Sheperd is fantastic. Every song they have worked on together, contains deep feels, cascaded by emotions channeled through every amazing lyric, painting a unique picture that connects to your soul.

Opening with heartfelt words, as the melody picks up, and flows with each word. JES’s lyrics connect, on an intimate level, asking, wondering, what happened, what went wrong. Delivering the feels, emotions, expression, and feeling of being left behind. Every word feels like it digs into your heart.

Dennis Sheperd’s phenomenal tune connects with JES’s lyrics, to the rhythm of a heart beating, while breaking, crumbling apart, in pain. Yet trying to mend, reconnect, to become whole again. That feeling as you listen to the song, you feel that heart shifting, it’s flow, rhythm, and trying to stay strong.

“By My Side” is an incredible song, and is a must have in your music library. All of the feels, and an awesome melody, both lyrics, JES’s astonishing vocals, connect on a deeper level that resides in your soul.

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