BT = Metaversal, the journey

Album: Metaversal
Producer, sound design: BT
Label: self release, independent
Release: Out Now

Metaversal, the fourteenth album: an expansive journey, filled with wonder, and art expression, built within technology.
Unlike previous releases, this album is a universe all its own. Presented as part of a treasure hunt, and vast network puzzle intertwined with a digital medium we are learning to adapt, and comprehend. Beyond a music album, it is a comprehensive art exhibit, connected by music, enhancing sound, space, and thought processes. There is nothing else quite like this release, a new venture within the artist’s massive library.

Eleven tracks connect the dots together, of this amazing singularity. Chapters that have their own theme, energy, and significance.

Laurel Canyon Night Drive
Paper Chairs
The Blue Hour
The Uncanny Valley
Where the Sun meets the Sea
The Overview Effect
If Memory Serves

However, this release is quite different than the past. With the digital crypto treasure hunt being key part of the release campaign. A digital complete version of the album to be released soon. With a physical vinyl, or CD is connected with the treasure hunt as a reward, also part of an ongoing auction for 3 days. Updates to follow in this article soon, with a review of all 11 pieces.

The Crypto treasure hunt is now live!!
Note: the treasure hunt is completely free. But if you want to bid on exclusive goodies, you can participate in the auction (limited time event) The puzzle is available for everyone to enjoy, and will be available forever.

Enter, explore, connect
Solve the puzzles

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