Hidden Tigress, Derek Palmer – “Drifting Apart” (Mike Zaloxx Remix)

Album: Drifting Apart (Mike Zaloxx Remix)
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design (original mix): Derek Palmer
Producer, Remix by: Mike Zaloxx
Release on: Suanda Voice

In the original release “Drifting Apart” (original mix) by producer: Derek Palmer. The song carried so much emotion, driven, but it also feels like a magnet trying to resist bringing two part of a whole together. Once separate, it feels weird, out of place, figuring out why, and how it has to be this way. Within the powerful, moving, and beautiful lyrics by the marvelous Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress. The lyrics convey so much more beyond the surface of each lyric, but a feeling, a part missing, a flow missing its parts, there is something beyond words can express. Pain, healing, but also understanding, acceptance, but also how do you mend those feelings while trying to be yourself.

In the remix, by Mike Zaloxx, it takes on a different flow of energy. A more level, focused, driven melody, where it sees what the journey was, finding its new path, growing, evolving, but also connecting to what it once was. It is more of a part two, a sequel to the original, where its story is ongoing, it is not yet done. Connected by the beautiful lyrics and vocals, yet channeling something special, integral, like a paintbrush bringing the visuals together with each brush stroke, finding the colors to express what was once a canvas, now making a painting. The melody within is a journey of vibes, spiritual, healing, and comprehension, missing pieces coming together, creating something new, and wonderful, yet still seeking its identity.

Music Video A video that expresses the song, and art on another level. From the moment the beautiful lyrics and vocals begin, it is sweeping in visuals, from colors, to motion, light, expression, wonder, and beauty. To a moment of celebration, a flow, a rush of energy. Something special within each scene, and segment that connects to the song on another level. It is amazing, to get lost in.

“Drifting Apart” (Mike Zaloxx Remix) is a must have in your music library. Also a must add to your playlist at a music festival! This amazing remix is available now on all digital stores.

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