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Ridge Racer Infinity

Album: Ridge Racer Infinity
Producer: RobKTA
Additional Producers: Andrew Elmore, RoboRob, Tudd, Virix Dreamcore
Mastering: RoboRob
Label: Firaga Records / Materia Music

Many years ago, a racing simulator took on the world. But it was more than just cars hitting crazy speeds, its soundtrack also set the bar on the energy, inertia, and world building as you zipped across various terrain. From the city nightlife, to a rally sport dirt, snow, and more. Ridge Racer was an unforgettable series because it went beyond the normal racing simulator, and its soundtrack was awesome. Influenced by raves, and the club scene (like another racing series, WipeOut), Ridge Racer delivered hyped tunes, crazy beats, and songs that make you want to boogie. Ridge Racer Infinity is an album, a love letter to a series that sadly feels forgotten. But do not fret, it is a celebration of what it accomplished. A blend of sound styles, hype, speed, and fun.

Ten incredible songs, celebrating a legacy of one of the best racers ever made.
1) “On Your Way” (R4: Ridge Racer Type 4)
Collaborating producer: Andrew Elmore
2) “Drivin U 2 Dancin” (Ridge Racer Revolution)
3) “Disco Ball” (Ridge Racer) PSP
4) “Lucid Rhythms” (R4: Ridge Racer Type 4)
5) “Blue Topaz” (Rave Racer)
6) “Burnin Rubber” (R4: Ridge Racer Type 4)
7) “Your Vibe” (R4: Ridge Racer Type 4)
Collaborating Producer: Roborob
8) “R4cin All Night” (Movin’ in Circles) (R4: Ridge Racer Type 4)
Collaborating producer: Tudd
9) “Night Stream” (Ridge Racer) PSP
Collaborating producer: Virix Dreamcore
10) “Deep Drive” (Rage Racer)

Ridge Racer Infinity is by far, one of the best vgm tributes around. Ridge Racer as a series, is a treasure and should be kept alive in the minds and hearts of music, and game lovers. It was a synergy of ideas that brought it to the mainstream, and music that lasts a lifetime. Perhaps one day, a new Ridge Racer will emerge from the cosmos. Until that day, its fandom celebrates what they love Music, it is an art form: an expression, a style all its own, the world deserves to hear, and never forget.

Ridge Racer Infinity is available everywhere now
Enjoy the ride.

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