Electrofans 10-Year Anniversary Celebration


We are celebrating our ten-year anniversary with a three-part, 4 hour-plus total retrospective mix set, including highlights of music we have featured over the past decade.

Part I (“The Golden Age of Progressive”)

Intro: Distance – New Tomorrow

1) Ron with Leeds – Jack’s Creed [Soluna Music]
2) Kirsty Hawkshaw – White Horse
3) Miwa – My Haven (Aitra Sun Goes Up Mix) [Pineapple Digital]
4) Ametrine – Islet Symphony [Soluna Music]
5) SNR & Evin Skye – Can You See [Slowride]
6) DJ Lora feat. How To Loot Brazil – Barcelona (Original Mix) [Legent Music]
7) Tritonal & Haliene – Less than Perfect (Original Mix) [Enhanced Music]
8) Motorcycle feat. JES – As The Rush Comes (Metronome & Morten Granau Remix)
9) Mark Lovett – Persona (Original Mix) [Synth Collective]
10 Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved (Soultight Remix) [Open House Records]
11) Denique – 4 P.M (Original Mix) [ZERO POINT ONE]
12) BT ft Jan Johnston – Remember (EAM Rework)
13) Reat Kay & Patrick Sanders – Dig Down (Original Mix) [TronTronicEntertainment]
14) Nick Boults – Visions [Inception Music]
15) Eric Rigo – Kilimanjaro (Gary McDonald Remix – Radio Edit) [Tiefhaus Records]
16) Ross Cairns – Here and Back (Shadows Remix) [Submission Recordings]
17) Kenshi Kamaro – Seabreezz (Original Mix) [Sound Vessel Records]
18) Stunna – SIGNS VIP
19) JP Lantieri & Ornery – Equilibrium (Zaria Remix) [Flemcy Music]
20) Gaz Faktory feat. Lila – Stay Awake (Original Mix) [Flemcy Music]

Part II (“The Trans/formative Years”)

1) LTN & Michele C – The Chase (Extended Mix) [AVA Recordings]
2) Sara Simms and Decklyn Dubs – Call It What You Want (Remix)
3) Hashira – Svarna
4) Woody van Eyden & Gil Zambrano with Cheryl Barnes – Embrace the Rainbow [Universal Nation]
5) Mark Mac – Nature [Deep Clicks]
6) Col Lawton – Martini Nights (Original Mix) [Batavia Records]
7) Discodumper & Noty – I Need You (Maxi Single) [Kommandorr Music]
8) Adam Sein – Dreamers (Original Mix) [Summer Melody]
9) PhuturePhil – Dead Bolt (Original Mix) [Silent Koalas]
10) Platunoff Feat. Hidden Tigress – Until The Dawn (Dextrose Remix) [Sunstate Records]
11) Anthony Huttley – Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (Original Mix)
12) Galestian – All For You (Radio Edit) [ICONYC Noir]
13) Edwin Jack – Never (Wilson Costa Mix) [Silent Koalas]
14) Arandis – Autumn Leaves

Part III (“The Next Wave”)

1) KaNa – Photon (Kenji Sekiguchi Remix) [Snow Freques]
From Yokohoma Japan, KaNa is an amazing, multi-talented producer, DJ, label head, professional digital illustrator, as well as Artist Coach for electronic music producers.

She is “Electrofan #1,” the first official member of our web community when Kevin first created the website back in in 2013. Even before the website went live, Kana personally helped out with some vital testing of key features. Later, she contributed some of our first essential mixes (a guest mix in 2014). She also has included some original tracks released through her own label, Snow Freques in the Electrofans Music Store, and in addition, she will also be joining our team as an Artist Coach!! Kana is amazing.

2) Hasan Ghazi – Concrete Jungle (SolarTrak Remix) [Reckoning Records]

3) Ms.Fuji – Saturn

4) Jero Nougues – Technicalia (Andrs Moris Remix) [Droid9]

5) Impression ft Teknical – Wish I [Influenza Media]

6) Humans Out Loud – Soir d’Automne (Original Mix)

7) Z8phyR ft Disco Don – Leo (Original Mix) [ELECTROFANS PREMIERE]

8) City 2 City – True People [Metrohm]

9) Rex & Lyda – Take Me (Original Mix) [Nylo]

10) ORIGINST0RY & EL.SY. – Lottery [Explicit]

11) Markus Schulz feat. Soundland – Facedown (Going Deeper Remix)

12) ZaVen – This Is Where I Am (Original Mix) [Batavia Records]

13) Processing Vessel – Pleasant Dream (Original Mix) [Sound Vessel Records]

14) SNR – Which Way Is Tuesday (Original Mix) [Fuzzy Recordings]

– Kana Ijuin, “Electrofan #1” (who not only provided her fantastic, original producer guest mixes when we were just starting out, but also personally helped beta-test several key features of our early community website).

– JP Lantieri (for the invaluable counsel over the years)

– Jerry Chiu (the “Godfather of Progressive House”) for feedback and intros to several great producers & labels

– Swapneel Ukhalkar (“SNR,” 1/2 of Elevven)

– Wilson Costa from Humans Out Loud and Silent Koala Records

– Jay Cappo (aka “Stunna”) – drum & bass superstar from Chicago

– Nerutto / Inception Music

– Murat Vural (“Processing Vessel”) from Sound Vessel Records

– Singer EL.SY. and Galestian for being the first guests on our interview series, “Pro Talk”

– Rick Rikken

– Jero Nougues

– Jammy Fuji

– Ahreum

– Sven Dekker / Batavia Records

– Singer, Miwa Bravebird

– Eric Impression Jennings

– Ron with Leeds


– Donald Wilborn / Embarcadero Records

– Kommandoerr Music

– Kabutey

– Igor D

– Z8phyR

– Hassan Ghazi / Reckoning Records

– Heatscore / Lazuli Records

– Daniel Gardiner at Evolved Artists

– Tuemckey and George from Synth Collective

– Tobias Zaldua

– Sanderson Stasis

– Phil Byron at Emergent Music

– Zaria

– Sara Simms

– PhuturePhil

– Hidden Tigress

– Mearzie

– Ky Mi

– Adam Huszar / Morphosis Records


***** OUR DONORS *****
We are extremely grateful for the generous donations we have received in support of all the work that goes on behind the scenes. You guys “keep us on the air,” thank you so much!!❤️

All of our amazing DJ Guest Mixers.

Our label partners.

All of our clients.

Our incredible team of editors (Robert Turner, Luna Shimada, Tobias Zaldua, Ky Mi, Phuture Phil).

And… YOU!

Thank you for listening and feeling the vibes we’ve shared.

Friday, December 15th (3pm Pacific | Midnight CET | 8pm UK | 8am Saturday, Dec 16 – Tokyo | 10am Saturday, Dec 16 – Sydney)

Join us as we look back on a decade of bringing you amazing electronic music & artists! To celebrate, we’ll be having a Live Listening Party, as our special “10-Year Anniversary Celebration Podcast” will be streaming live on our YouTube channel, as well as available for listening on our SoundCloud.

*We will also be going live on Instagram at that same time as well! (Founder Kevin Pajak will lead a group chat with Electrofans VIP and fans)

Look for musical highlights and an overview of Electrofans milestones from the past ten years. Hope to see you there!

More details:
➡️ electrofans.com/ten-years

> youtube.com/@electrofans
> soundcloud.com/electrofans

> instagram.com/electrofansofficial

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