Atleha, Bitzfork, Hidden Tigress – “In These Chains”

Album: In These Chains
Lyrics and Vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design: Atleha
Remix by: BitzFork
Label: Intricate Records
Available Now

[[Original Mix]]
From being one, to becoming two, it is something we all go through. But when we have been connected with someone for so long, that feeling of losing that connection hurts beyond words. When communication becomes difficult, or the other person no longer hears our words. What we once knew, fades away, that feeling of happiness, joy, kindness, or sometimes a simple glance, or hug.

“In These Chains” defines so many things that represent a lost connection, that deep involvement, to becoming total strangers. This emotion, and feeling that ties us to that special someone, is a pain, a wound that feels as if it will never heal. But it is also a song that contains lyrics about not giving up, but those reminders of what once was still holds us dear. Atleha created a masterpiece within this track, from start to finish it flows with the moving lyrics, and vocals, delivering an amazing track that connects to your heart and soul

[[Bitzfork Remix]]
This remix takes a journey along with Hidden Tigress deep, and impactful lyrics, and vocals. That energy, and fire to keep going, not breaking you down, but it gives an anthem like vibe. Everything that made you whole, there is something there, to keep fighting for. Bitzfork’s remix is a must listen, and will get you moving. It is awesome, powerful, and incredible.

Music Videos:
Both music videos are works of art. Establishing feels, and emotions with color, atmosphere, expression, and the heart. From one scene to the next, it flows with both mixes, creating a beautiful experience. Be sure to check out both of these amazing music videos, as soon as possible.
Original Mix
Bitzfork Remix

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