Hidden Tigress, Sean Truby – “Falling”

Album: Falling
Lyrics and Vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design: Sean Truby
Label: Suanda Voice

A journey of the heart, and soul, through ups and downs. Passion, communication, a glance, a moment to breathe, everything you want to say but no words come out. Is it breaking down? Where did things go wrong? This incredible song connects to those feelings, and emotions in a moment. With all your heart, it feels as if it is hitting a wall, unable to break through. Until you cannot take anymore, something gives. All of those pains, and hurt explode, every feeling obliterates that wall, it is undone. You feel broken, unable to mend, but all along it was not your fault.

Sean Truby delivers a beautiful melody, connected to Hidden Tigress’s mesmerizing lyrics and vocals. Driven by a heartbeat, then every piece flows with both lyrics and vocals in a crescendo, a build up, and release. A song you want to dance to, till you feel sore, knowing you let go of all those things you held back. It is a release, a song, a battle cry, words you could not say but held in for so long.

There is something deeper, this sings to your soul. If you ever feel in such a way, this amazing song will connect to your heart. Let if lift you, help you heal, and take on those hurtful feelings, make them fade away. Music, and lyrics are powerful, it is a story, a poem, a part of healing, self discovery, a lesson within, a reminder that we can learn to get through anything, no matter what. Our heart and soul are strong, even against all odds.

“Falling” is available now on all digital stores

Music Video

This is a work of art, throughout the video it flows with Hidden Tigress’s beautiful, and powerful lyrics, and vocals. It cascades like waves in the ocean with Sean Truby’s amazing melody, and does not miss a beat from start to finish.

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