Aussie Producer Damo Cox Drops New EP ‘Wub Me’

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of electronic music, there’s a rising star making waves with his unique style and unquestionable talent. Meet Damo Cox, an Australian DJ, Producer, and Audio Engineer, whose name is becoming synonymous with innovative and quirky dance floor fillers.

Earlier this week, Damo Cox released his latest EP titled ‘Wub Me,’ and it’s already leaving an indelible mark on the local scene. This two-track wonder showcases his ability to traverse different genres with confidence and flair. The EP kicks off with “Get With Me,” a fun and feel-good minimal tech track that invites you to shake that booty. Its bouncy beats and catchy vocal hook capture the essence of a night out. It’s the track you set your drink down for, because you need both your arms to throw shapes.

Damo Cox in black shirt standing by graffiti wall

Aussie Producer Damo Cox makes waves with new EP ‘Wub Me’

The second track on the EP, “Deep Wubs,” takes you on a journey through deeper realms. Slowing down the tempo, it delves into introspective and emotive melodies, revealing another side to Damo Cox.

What sets Damo Cox apart is his unwavering commitment to creating a unique sound. He refuses to be confined to any particular genre, constantly exploring and experimenting with his craft. It’s this artistic freedom and fearlessness that have allowed him to carve a distinct niche within the local circuit on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia (you know, it’s where Wendy Byrde from ‘Ozark’ wanted to move the family at one point).

Damo Cox’s passion for music started on an unexpected path. After experiencing life-changing injuries as a pro Wakeboarder, he channelled his determination and love for electronic music into becoming a DJ and Producer. From that moment on, he has been an unstoppable force, heating up dancefloors with impeccable technical skills, original productions and endearing, off-the-wall style.

This talent and versatility has earned him spots on line-ups at the famous Splendour In the Grass Festival, Aussie Bush Doof Initiation NYE Festival, and a key role in local radio station, 105.7 Radio Metro’s Wonderland, along with performances at various clubs and bars around the country.

Behind the scenes, Damo Cox is the founder of record label Sorta Kinda Music as well as being a qualified Audio Engineer. Through his label and audio services, he supports other up-and-coming artists from around the world, as well as releasing his own creations.

If you’re not already familiar with Damo Cox, now is the perfect time to discover his music and unconventional style. Whether you’re craving energetic beats or to lose yourself in the vibes of three a.m. introspection, Damo Cox has an offering that will leave a lasting impression. So immerse yourself into this Aussie’s world and come along for the musical journey, one beat at a time.

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