Zieffle – Oasis LP

Album: Oasis LP
Producer, Sound Design: Zieffle
Release on: Emergent Shores (a sub label of Emergent Music)
Extra note: this album is the 400th release within the Emergent Shores label!!

Oasis, this is an album that allows you to clear your mind, and meditate. Create imagery with your mind. Your imagination is its paintbrush, but it holds the stories within that aid in that journey. A beautiful adventure

1) Promises [Original Mix]
Similar to opening the pages of a book, this opening track greets the listener with a beautiful welcome. With a melody, and vibe that connects to your senses. Imagine a forest, at night, where thousands of fireflies dance around flying all around you. Dancing in the night sky.

2) Oasis [Original Mix]
The second chapter in this journey, an unknown place filled with beauty and wonder. The space between somewhere far away, yet feels like home.

3) Together in Time [Original Mix]
Memories, dreams, and wishes. Everything you feel deep in your mind’s eye. A vast library of your inner self reaching out to everything that is a part of your life. Maybe it is someone special you left behind, or someone you met along the way. That journey, you are not alone

4) Through the Trees [Original Mix]
A sensation, the overgrowth all around, so many of the old ones live in this world. The stories they share, a place many creatures call home

5) A New Sun [Original Mix]
A new day has begun, the sun emerges beyond the vistas. Light casted over shadows, or emerging from the clouds.

6) Glow [Original Mix]
The day has ended, the moon is here. Everything feels different, yet familiar. The glow of the moon, it touches everything, yet gives it a unique energy, tone, and color. Night creatures sing all around.

7) Star [Original Mix]
Beyond your reach, looking up, the vastness of the sky. Something far away, yet so close. The constellations dance in the night sky. Or you close your eyes, and go there.

8) Blackhawk [Original Mix]
A bird or prey having its own theme is unique. It is powerful, beautiful, agile, and soars the skies with its heart. A majestic creature, that rules the air and land. Its motion is precise, focused, and amazing to watch. If you could be a bird, what kind would you want to be?

9) Wanting [Original Mix]
Wants, hopes, and dreams. A place where your heart goes. The cascading vocals dance within this melodic driven track. Connecting to this feeling, an emotion, and need we all have deep down inside.

10) With Me [Original Mix]
The final track of this amazing album. A vibe that sends sensations all around you, like a warm embrace. This is not the end, but the beginning of another journey.

Oasis is an incredible album, Zieffle has made something very special. A journey of the mind, imagination, and senses. Album you not only listen to, but also feel from the opening song, to the last. A story that has wonder, heart, and character all wrapped into one awesome adventure. Oasis is available now

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