Ghost in the Shell – Megatech Body LTD

Album: Ghost in the Shell – Megatech Body LTD
Release: 1997
VGM: Playstation Game OST
Distribution by: SCEI Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated

Welcome to the next gen. Well it was back in the late 90’s, a time when music, and animation were taking on new levels of experimental expression. But there was a manga, that branched into cinemas, and eventually a game was based on it as well. But the coolest part about the game? The soundtrack. Filled with crazy beats, new ideas, and stuff you would hear at a rave, or club at the time. It was available on CD, and Vinyl (also a reprint, and remaster recently)

Upon release of this awesome album, it was made in a single disc, and a limited two disc special edition. This album is amazing, boasting over 20+ songs within the two disc version. Plus some of these artists within the album are still around today, as producers, or continuing to make music.

Disc One
1) Takkyu Ishino – Ghost in the Shell
2) Mijk Van Dijk – Firecracker
3) Brother From Another Planet – Ishikawa Surfs the System
4) HardFloor – Spook and Spell (Fast version)
5) WestBam – Feather Hall
6) Joey Beltram – The Vertical
7) Scan X – Blinding Waves
8) The Advent – The Searcher Part II
9) BCJ – Spectre
10) Dave Angel – Can U Dig It
11) Derrick May – To Be Or Not To Be (Off the Cuff Mix)

Disc Two
1) Mijk Van Dijk – Fuchikoma
2) The Advent – Down Loader
3) BCJ – Thanato
4) WestBam – Moonriver
5) Mijk Van Dijk – Brain Dive
6) HardFloor – Spook and Spell (Slow Version)
7) WestBam – Die Dunkelsequenz
8) Brother From Another Planet – Section 9 Theme
9) Dave Angel – So High
10) Derrick May – To Be Or Not To Be (The Mix of A Mix Mix)

As both an anime, manga, and music fan, this album is everything. You will not find anything else like it. But in the Stand Alone Complex series that went to another level. We will save that for another time. This soundtrack is a phenomenal experience to dive into. So if you have not heard it before, get ready for an awesome ride.

Album info from Sony’s Music Archive

More info, including production, and artists

Question: Can you easily find this album today?
Answer: Um. Yes, and no. Digital yes. Physical it is a bit risky. With Ebay, like an elevator prices go up and down. Also there is a listing on Amazon, but seems kind of sketchy since it is a vendor using an artist name. Discogs however contains some helpful info to navigate which version, you may be interested in buying.

Discogs – GITS MBLTD Album info page
This site also includes the different variants of the soundtrack. Information including both the CD, and Vinyl releases (one, to two disc editions of the album)

Playstation Intro Cinematic

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