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Wip30ut, futuristic racer a vgm retrospective

Awhile back, during the early days of video games pushing towards 3D graphics. Wipeout was one of those series that pushed against being the norm. Most games were platforming, to sports, and rpg. But Psygnosis at the time, inspired by the club scene, wanted to connect with artists around the world. Plus one of their team members known as “Cold Storage” brought his energy and passion into the game soundtrack.

Tapping into this vast world of music, and game design. Wipeout was a futuristic racer, its close brother was F-Zero (by Nintendo) which had barely jumped into the 3d market close to this series branching out. WipeOut’s premise was simple: hover crafts hitting breakneck speeds, challenging tracks, and a soundtrack like no other game before.

Wipeout original soundtrack credits: Cold Storage, Leftfield “Afro Ride”, Orbital “P.E.T.R.O.L.”

Cold Storage: the producer
An indie artist, also part of the development team that created the game. An in house artist who was an experimental music producer. Working with various tech at the time, to create his unique sound style. Plus he is still active today, with releasing numerous albums. Although Psygnosis is no more, Cold Storage keeps the music, vibe, and energy alive. Cold Storage BandCamp page

Eventually with enough marketing, plus its addictive design, various artists wanted to be part of this awesome series. Each entry after the original game, added even more talents into the mix. Creating something incredible, plus ground breaking within video game music.

For an extensive experience, it is recommended viewing of “Slope’s Game Room” WipeOut Documentary A documentary that covers the journey of Psygnosis, and the series finding a home as a multiplatform title, and becoming an unforgettable entry in music, and video games.

Wipeout 2097 (aka Wipeout XL) Soundtrack
Worlds collide, as well known talents brought their energy into the series. Including exclusive editions of their hit tunes. Fusing crazy beats, funky sounds, and unforgettable songs. Wipeout was evolving.

The Future of London “We Have Explosive”, “We Have Explosive” (Hero Killing Mix)
Fluke “Atom Bomb”
The Chemical Brothers “Loops of Fury”, “Leave Home” (Underworld Mix)
Underworld “Tin There”
Photek “The Third Sequence”, “Titan”
Prodigy “Firestarter” (instrumental)
Fluke “V Six”
Daft Punk “Musique”
Source Direct “2097”

(returning tracks from the original game)
Orbital “Petrol”
Leftfield “Afro Ride”

Wipeout 64
This entry was exclusive to the Nintendo 64. Using the same tracks from the past game, but with a whole new spin and soundtrack of its own.

Featuring tunes by:
PC Music “Chasing Radium”, “Feel at Home”, “Monolith Boy”, “Tomorrow Reborn”, “Sonic Trip”, Credits “Miles Ahead”
Fluke “Absurd”, “Goodnight Lover”
Propellerheads “Bang On”

Wip3out (Wipeout 3) special edition
In this installment, the series lets artists create the in game universe design, and energy. From which team you choose, to the vehicle. Featuring top notch talents like: Sasha (music director), MKL, Hong Kong Trash, Underworld, Propellerheads, Desert, Orbital, and Paul Van Dyk

Sasha “Auricom”, “Feisar”, “Goteki 45”, “Icarus”, “Pirhana”, “Xpander”
MKL “Control”, “Surrender”
Hong Kong Trash “Down the River”
Underworld “Kittens”
Propellerheads “Lethal Cut”
Desert “Voices”
Orbital “Know Where to Run”
Paul Van Dyk “Avenue”

Wipeout Fusion
This entry, exclusive to the PS2, continued the long running the series.
WipeOut Fusion Soundtrack
Brainiac – “Silent Witness”
Blades and Naughty G – “Beats Defective”
Cut La Roc “Bassheads”
JDS “Punk Funk”
Elite Force and Nick Ryan “Switchback”
The Future Sound of London “Papua New Guinea” (Hybrid Mix)

Wipeout Pure (PSP release)
Wipeout Pure Soundtrack
Pure is also available on Amazon Music

Featuring tunes by:
Royksopp – “Curves”
Aphex Twin – “Naks Acid”
Cold Storage – “Onyx”
Cosmos – “Kinection”
Photek – “C-Note” (Instrumental Mix)
Plump DJs – “Black Jack 3”
Tiesto – “Goldrush”
Way Out West “Pulse of Life”

Wipeout Pulse
Wipeout Pulse Soundtrack
Featuring tunes by:
DJ Fresh “X-Project”
Ed Rush, Optical and Matrix “Frontline”
Kraftwerk “Aero Dynamik”
Mason, Princess Superstar “Exceeder” (Special Mix)
Noisia “Seven Stitches”
Aphex Twin “Fenix Funk 5” (Wipeout Mix)
Shlomi Aber and Guy Gerber “Sea of Sand” (Wipeout Mix)

Wipeout HD Fury
Featuring tunes by:
The Chemical Brothers “Acestone”
Noisia “Machine Gun”
Two Fingers “Marmite” (Two Fingers is: Amon Tobin, Doubleclick, and Sway)
The Touch and Lina ” Le Night Dominator

Wipeout 2048 (PSP release, but do not doubt the handheld, the soundtrack is incredible!)
Featuring tunes by:
DJ Fresh – “Louder” (Drumsound and Bassline Smith Mix)
Anile – “Change of Direction” (Wipeout Mix)
Camo and Krooked – “Breezeblock” (Wipeout Mix)
Deadmau5 – “Some Chords” (Wipeout 2048 Edit)
Dirtyloud – “School of Funk”
Kraftwerk – “Tour De France” (Wipeout Edit)
Noisia – “Regurgitate” (Wipeout 2048 Edit)

Wipeout Omega Collection (Playstation 4)
The last release of this amazing series, the soundtrack celebrates the past, and present. Mixing tunes from the original game, plus its handheld sequels.
Omega Collection, The Soundtrack, exclusive on Spotify
Note: Sadly some titles are not available due to region.

Featuring tunes by:
Addiktion – “Shake It” (Vielle Griffe Remix)
Airwolf Paradise – “Talking Bass” (Taiki Nulight Remix)
Black Sun Empire, State of Mind “Kill that Noise”
Boys Noize – “XTC” (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
Brodinski, Louisahhh “Let the Beat Control Your Body”
David Tort – “You Got To” (vocals by Danielle Simeone)
Plus many more incredible songs

In addition to Omega’s playlist. Playstation also included “The Best of WipEout” playlist celebrating this series

With the recent refresh of Sony’s Playstation +, it is definitely possible that the Wipeout Series might reach a new audience on the platform. As of right now, Wipeout Omega Collection available to download, or purchase if you are a PS+ subscriber. Rekindling interest in this awesome series, and its phenomenal soundtracks within each entry. Taking players on a wild ride, on one of the toughest racers ever imagined.

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