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JES – “Where Are You Now”

Album: Where Are You Now
Lyrics and vocals by singer, songwriter, producer: JES
Label: Intonenation Records

In times when words are tricky to put together, a drive, an emotion. Where you wish you could count on someone else, but that person is not there. Like the moon drifting as the morning sunrise lifts up, the moon has faded. Time has moved on. Everything you want to say to them, its all left in your heart. If they stayed, you can only dream what that would be.

JES takes on another moving, and soulful track lead by powerful vocals, and energy within. It takes on a more, internal, deep and expressive artform. Every emotion, feeling, sensation, what could have been, but there is no one to share it with. Or the other person has drifted away, like the sands of time. In times when you feel the need to connect with another person, but sometimes you find that your partner is no longer whom they used to be. It hurts, so much, but they were there once, maybe just a memory now. But they were a part of something special.

The melodic vibe throughout resonates with her phenomenal vocals, but also you can feel every word pouring out from her heart. An experience of lessons learned, words left unsaid, lost, yet seeking something better. This is not a song of defeat, but of once was, and could be. This incredible, and powerful song hits so many layers, something a heart wants to speak, weep, break down, hold onto, love, or cherish. JES delivers another heart filled track that is a must add to your library.

For all the lonely or broken hearts, you are never alone.

Where Are You Now, is available everywhere

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