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San Francisco trio Karmacoda fuse analog and digital for a delightfully pleasing sound

The music of San Francisco’s Karmacoda is at once soothing, refreshing, and inviting. The trio combine “elements of electronica, R&B, rock, and pop with a danceable groove.” Their work has an old-skool, soulful charm.

Singer Jessica Ford’s vocal work is elegantly showcased above the carefully orchestrated musical underlayers created by band mates, “B” (Brett Crockett) and bassist, Eric Matsuno. The combined result of their sound is definite proof that the “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts…”



Karmacoda’s new single ‘Dare’ has been given a hot new dance remix by NYC producer, E39.

The track recently premiered on Electronic Groove and was released on May 19th via Sola Musa Music.

Their latest album, ‘Lessons in Time,’ is indeed “Lovely” (to use the title of the opening track). It’s an excellent work that evokes memories of a bygone era: rolling together folk, dreampop and art rock, in a warm and bright musical tapestry.

“Time Flies” (official music video)

And here, you can get a further glimpse of their cool, avant-garde sound:



Fusing elements of electronica, R&B, rock and pop with a danceable groove, San Francisco’s Karmacoda creates music that is modern yet deeply moving and emotional. Central themes of transformation: love, loss, lust and longing show up as story lines in their songs, pulling instrumental inspiration from a myriad of musical genres and time periods. It’s been over a decade since the band was founded as a personal writing and recording project by founder and vocalist B. What started as an experimental music project while he was between bands, has turned into seven studio albums, numerous remix records and a live album.

Their songs, often cinematic in scope and vibe, have been featured prominently in film and television soundtracks and have won a number of music awards. Bassist, Eric Matsuno joined the band during the release of their 2007 album success, Illuminate, and vocalist, Jessica Ford joined, adding her amazing vocals following the release of their 2015 album Love and Fate.

From the very beginning, Karmacoda has recorded their albums at The Amsterdam Room, B.’s personal studio. In 2009 the band built The Briefing Room, a combined dedicated, rehearsal space and recording studio on Treasure Island, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay. All their albums since Eternal released in 2011 have been recorded and mixed at both studios. While their albums have always featured stellar production, live, the band brings an emotional intensity generated by their dynamic performances, more akin to a rock show than a DJ set.


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