Soundscapes 19

Cool, refreshing SOUNDS YOU WILL HEAR NOWHERE ELSE… Welcome back, to the July 2022 edition of “Soundscapes,” from Each month, we take you on a musical ADVENTURE, bringing you the best and brightest underground dance music, house, trance, techno, and progressive electronic music of all flavours…. Our goal is to inspire you, to excite you, to enchant you :-). Enjoy!!! (and please share)

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1) Mystific – Had It All (Simplification Remix) [Liquid Flow]
2) Los Trafaletos ft. Ion Gheorghe – Frunza Verde (Radio Edit) [Norvis Music]
3) Forerunners – Night Symmetry [Pure Progressive]
4) Chanu – Mirror (Original Mix) [Bevel Rec]
5) David Body – Salt Swing (Original Mix) [Mélopée Records]
6) Mario N – Dark Voices (Original mix) [defmain music]
7) Jacob Colon – Desire [Made 2 Move]
8) SevenEver, Nopopstar, 2JOHN’S, Eugene Jay – Lost [UNCLES MUSIC]
9) Under Sanctions – Hungry Snake (Radio edit) [Unparalleled Things]
10) Universal Frequency – In Full Swing (Secret Club Mix) [Pure Trance Neon]
11) Alley SA – Love On The Moon (Original Mix) [Minded Music]

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