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Shifting gears a little bit, this month we’ve got an interesting guest mix for you from UK producer @tonelero with a bit of a kick to it. Tonelero covers an array of styles: heavy on the trance (having re-mixed the track ‘Child of Forever’ from Hemstock & Jennings featuring the “Queen of Trance,” Jan Johnston (@janjohnston) on vocals) to upbeat dance tempos with a techno-y edge, to even some splashes of dubstep.

Have a listen and let us know what you think!

Track List:

00:00 Soviet Games – Russian Roulette (Tonelero Goes Ballistic Mix) [Fazeform Records] BUY

04:03 Tonelero – Cygmatona (Original Mix) [PHT REC] BUY

07:46 Inner Trance – Synergy (Original Mix) [Unreleased]

10:33 Tonelero – ID [Unreleased]

14:01 Tonelero – ID [Unreleased]

16:07 Hemstock & Jennings Meet Jan Johnston – Child Of Forever (Tonelero Mix) [2nd Phaze] BUY

19:40 El Agron – Katerina (Tonelero Mix) [PHT REC] BUY

22:55 Tonelero – Retrophonic (Original Mix) [Fazeform Records] BUY

25:40 Tonelero – Skyrack (Original Mix) [PHT REC] BUY

29:53 Tonelero – ID [Unreleased]

33:35 Frozen Skies – We Come In Peace (Tonelero Remix) [Unreleased]

36:22 Tonelero – Tunage (Club Mix) [Fazeform Records] BUY

41:49 Tonelero – Another Day (Chilled Mix) [Unreleased]


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