New Artist Discovery: Valentin Henning

Introducing colorful, multi-faceted artist, Valentin Henning

Valentin Henning is a singer from Hamburg, Germany who creates music that could be described as a combination of “feel-good with emotive, expressive sounds and tones.” Valentin tries to go beyond traditional stereotypes, both in terms of interpersonal relations as well as his overall artistic approach to making music.

His latest single, “Relapse,” has been entered into the Eurovision Song Contest for 2024. It’s a song about the “struggles of breaking free from constructs that are detrimental. Whether it’s overcoming substance abuse or escaping a toxic relationship, it embodies the feeling of gaining freedom, celebrating life, while grappling with the uncertainty of one’s strength.”

Here’s another sample of Valentin’s work:


Valentin Henning (germany) is a singer & music producer in the edm genre. He’s combining fashion with music. Mixing analog and new digital music with modern topics. His music-videos are as hand- and selfmade just as his music. An attempt to show that there’s no limit and you can do what ever you set your mind to.

There’s no right or wrong it’s just about what you want to express in your way. And for that you don’t need no high end production or financial background. It’s all about the subsurface and how creative you can get with your drive and inspiration. Also how deep your desire is to project a topic that matters to you. If you create your content for the sake of itself or you have the urge to say something. It’s enough if there’s just one person that gets something out of it and is motivated to create something new again.

Be brave to be ugly. Get your worst out for genuine progress. You might stand more in your way then you think other people do care about.


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