Artist Spotlight: Above and Beyond

The journey of AnjunaBeats: the origin of the label
From the early days of the crew, they traveled around the world, finding inspiration from every where they went. Creating their own label, with additional help from family, and friends they found their identity. The label emerged from the sound style that Paavo, and Jono were building independently. Anjuna beach became AnjunaBeats, merging the idea of one of their favorite locales, plus the sound style they heard when visiting the island. A place where music festivals celebrated with tunes from various talents around the world.

Paavo, Tony, and Jono: Meet the trio (earlier works)
Before they came to be known as Oceanlab, and Above and Beyond, they were pursuing their own identity in the music world. In a recent interview celebrating twenty years of the label AnjunaBeats, they go even more in depth of its birth, and evolution.

Tony McGuiness: working under a sub label of Warner Music, as a marketing director and manager, connecting with artists like: Madonna, Paul Oakenfold, and many more. Building a name as a producer, but not a creator, until he met Paavo and Jono.

Paavo and Jono: Working together for several years, finding their sound and energy, creating the label, and attracting tons of vibes from their sound style around the world. Under the alias of Dirt Devils, and Free State releasing music within their founded label. Eventually teaming up with Tony, thanks to to his brother, becoming something new with the duo into a trio of talents.

With the trio forming their identity, they brought along singer, and songwriter Justine Suissa. Creating a vast library of incredible music, lyrics, vocals, and inspirational, spiritual, and more sound styles coming together.
Releasing numerous single tracks, and receiving tons of love and support along the way.

Releases as Oceanlab:
Clear Blue Water (2001, #48 charts in the UK, 2002)
Sky Falls Down
Beautiful Together(2003)
Satellite (2004, UK #19)
Sirens of the Sea(2008)
Breaking Ties
Come Home (2008)
On A Good Day
Another Chance

Above and Beyond Presents: Oceanlab: Sirens of the Sea REMIXED
Released in 2009 with remixes by: Jaytech, Michael Cassette, Andy Duguid, Gareth Emery, Myon and Shane54, Ferry Corsten, and more
Available to buy digitally, sold out physically

Above and Beyond: After Oceanlab
After finding their sound style, they adapted it, to form Above and Beyond. Created from a quote from one of Jono’s favorite writers, establishing their new identity. As of recently, the crew has released over fourteen albums. From singles, including remixes, to complete albums expanding their library of amazing music.

The Albums:

Tri-State (2006) an LP album release with original tracks, featuring vocals by: Zoe Johnston, Ashley Tomberlin, and Richard Bedford. Their first album, that reached many hearts, and minds throughout the world.

Group Therapy (2011) with vocals by: Zoe Johnston, and Richard Bedford. The second album release, with phenomenal, and unforgettable songs

Acoustic Volume One (2014) A special album, with a live acoustic performance, not as DJ’s, but musicians playing various instruments. This album is amazing, and a must own. Also released, was a special live performance via the THUMP channel. Full Concert Live From Porchester Hall

We Are All We Need (2015) with vocals by: Zoe Johnston, Justine Suissa, and Alex Vargas

Acoustic Volume Two (2016) The second album, featuring thirteen songs, plus Zoe Johnston’s incredible, and mesmerizing vocals, plus many more talents they have worked with throughout the years.

Common Ground (2018) with vocals by: Zoe Johnston, Justine Suissa, Richard Bedford, Marty Longstaff

Acoustic: Live at the Hollywood Bowl (2018) The third album within the Acoustic series, featuring vocalists that the crew has collaborated with over the years. Acoustic LATHB contains beautiful renditions of classic tracks, guaranteed to take your breath away. Plus this live concert was showcased on the official Above and Beyond channel. Live at the Hollywood Bowl

Flow State (2019) A special album, mixed to connect with yoga, or relaxing melody for calmness, to spirituality

The Club Mix Collection (2020) A celebration of past, to present tracks, set to an arranged mix. From their singles releases, to extended mixes. This album is a must own, to complete your collection

Flow State: Healing with nature (2021) The secondary album in the Flow State series, narrated by a yoga master, guiding you on a journey within state of mind, and atmosphere

For more information, including singles, and compilation albums, be sure to visit their music library. This catalog contains their works from past, to present, and future releases.

Group Therapy: Formerly known as “Trance Around the World”, the trio co-hosted this weekly podcast showcasing the latest releases from their label, and various talents from all over our little blue planet. Including specials, with live mixes, and performances various singers and songwriters included to celebrate a milestone of music. As of January 2022, 466 episodes so far.

For a complete listing of shows, or for the newest podcasts. Be sure to visit these links

Social Media: Be sure to keep up with Above and Beyond @: Facebook

Justine Suissa
Zoe Johnston
Ashley Tomberlin
Richard Bedford
Alex Vargas
Marty Longstaff

As a longtime fan, I just wanted to say thank you to Jono, Paavo, and Tony, plus the amazing vocalists they have collaborated with over the years. I cannot wait to hear what’s next. To many more incredible songs, plus unfathomable feels through melody, and lyrics together as one.

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