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Summer of Space – RETROSPECTIVE

Just the other day, I “re-discovered” this amazing musical collab between Kaskade and singer, Haley. Recording under the name “Summer of Space,” the duo, combined with writers and arrangers Finn Bjarnson and John Hancock (from Late Night Alumni), got together to produce this one single album, self-titled under their collab artist name, Summer of Space, released as a CD-only version in 2007 for the Japan market only (*with additional releases and re-mixes under a label called “Quiet City Recordings”).

The music from the album is simply beautiful, downtempo, and chill with lovely atmospheres and brilliant arrangements, which serve to excellently highlight Haley’s one-of-a-kind vocals.

Here’s a playlist I put together on the Electrofans YouTube channel showcasing their music (the video for the opening track “New Found Art” features photos from the Kaskade/Summer of Space Japan Tour in 2007):


Buy the Japan Version CD here

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