Late Night Alumni – Silver (ALBUM REVIEW)

Their first full album since 2015’s ‘Eclipse,’ Late Night Alumni’s new album, ‘Silver’ represents classic elements of the work they are best known for, while expanding into the new and the now…

Lovely, ambianced work, featuring an ongoing influx of elegant, vibrant musical tones and textures, fluctuating regularly throughout the course of the album, ‘Silver’ showcases the Late Night Alumni sound: standout vocals, backed by upbeat chiming melodies, and a uniquely chilled-out, loungey atmosphere.

From the hauntingly lovely opening track, “Mine,” to the nice buildup of “Float,” to the bounce of “Love is a Knife,” to the beautiful dreaminess of “Hideout,” this album (released on Kaskade’s Arkade label) is sure to be warmly received by both long-time fans of Late Night Alumni, as well as new discoverers of their sound.









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