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End of Time

Album: End of Time
Lyrics and vocals, by singer, songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers, Sound Design by: Hel:Slowed
Label: Grotesque DRK
Available Now

Then and now, forever always. If you could keep everything, all of your memories in your heart. Would you? From love, to dreams, to unforgettable times, drifting. Close your eyes, go to those places, with your partner, or someone you hold dear. Wherever those memories take you, go there. Those happy times, or sad, or in between.

“End of Time” is a work of art, it encapsulates every emotion, to expression, tone, energy, and vibes. As if you are drifting through every word, sensation, and connection throughout. The song title means so much more, it taps into your heart, deeper, interwoven, a part of who you are.

Hidden Tigress’s lyrics and vocals, tap into the feels, another level through every word, and her incredible vocals. An energy that is irresistible, memorable, mesmerizing, and beautiful. You feel as if you are flowing along with the melody, as each lyric cascades through your senses. Drift on. You are safe, you are loved. Lose yourself to this beautiful serenity.

Hel: Slowed, a magnificent duo, Misja Helsloot and Michael De Kooker, together they have tapped into another level of expression, wonder, and imagination. Within both the radio edit, and Extended Mix, their creativity, and vibes connect beyond expectations. As if you are floating mid space, with the song calling to you, reaching out, it guides you home.

Plus this incredible release received support from Andrew Rayel “Find Your Harmony”, and Markus Schulz “Global DJ Broadcast” and many more. Definitely an album not to be missed. It is out now, and a must buy

Also a beautiful, and mesmerizing music video completes the experience. Let it take you away.
“End of Time” music video

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