Album review: Nostalgic Nights

Album title: Nostalgic Nights
Lyrics, and vocals by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers, sound design: Ruslan Device, Katsu
Label: Synchronized Muzik
Out Now

From the opening melody, to the incredible lyrics, and vocals. There is something magical, mystical, and wondrous throughout this incredible song. Connecting to a peaceful frame of mind, to memories, to something that gives you pause, clarity, a moment to breathe. It is an artform, to find a balance within ourselves, our favorite place, atmosphere, or somewhere to go, and be one that energy that keeps us motivated. To things that make us happy, a space to draw from some place that makes us happy, content, drawn in, focused, peaceful, tranquil. This incredible release is a must own.

Production, and sound design from the duo Ruslan Device, and Katsu is marvelous. From start to finish, it delivers an infectious melody, beats, and clarity, with amazing sound design, focusing on Hidden Tigress’s phenomenal vocals, and lyrics. It all comes together, like a night sky, filled with stars, on a moonlit night. Just push play, and get lost in its wonderful energy.

Featuring an original mix, extended mix, dub, and extended dub. Each rendition of this marvelous track is amazing, mesmerizing, and beautiful.

Plus two music videos, that complete the experience
Original Mix
Dub Mix

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