The Chainsmokers – So Far So Good

Album: So Far So Good
Artists / Producers / Sound Design: The Chainsmokers
Label: Disruptor Records / Columbia
Release: Out Now

Remember when you hear that feel good album? The one that took you back in time, when you hung out with friends, or just went somewhere and got lost in the sun and moon passing you by. Those vibes, or even going to a concert or bar that plays your favorite tunes, might find a dance partner or new friends along the way. That is the feeling this album gives, those feel good vibes from then, and to now. A celebration of life.

I have been a fan of these gents for awhile. Their earlier works are those tunes you cannot get out of your head after that first listen. But when its a complete album, its an experience that connects to you deeper than before. Plus a dive into emotions, feels, expression, inspirations, and the words that are difficult to say to someone special.

Thirteen songs complete this album. A journey, a vibe, a feeling. Something is different about this one. It feels close to a reunion, a friend or special someone you have not seen in years. You reconnect, those butterflies are a flutter, you feel weird, unsure of what to say. As if someone is Rickrolling you with “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley on a boombox, trying to be ironic. But the best part is, it is awesome, overwhelming, and feel like you want to explode with every emotion possible. That is what this album feels like.

So Far So Good” by The Chainsmokers is available now. At their official store, you can also buy the CD, digital, and preorder the new album on vinyl

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