ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Processing Vessel

Processing Vessel (Murat Vural) is a talented producer as well as head of Sound Vessel Records, a label based in San Diego and one of the premier sources for deep house music you will find anywhere.

He has been a key player in not only the deep house, but electronic music scene overall by bringing many many artists from around the world to fans’ attention over the last several years.

His music is deep, nuanced, having warm synth swells and upbeat atmospheric elements… (as you can hear on the track, “Spacefaring”)

and on the track “Maybe the Drug”:

Here, he goes underground, with help from a cool re-mix by L-Kid:

As is typical among many producers who also run their own labels in the electronic music space, Processing Vessel has released many tracks under not only his own label, Sound Vessel Records, but also on several others (Batavia, Figura Trax, EDM Underground, Space Airlines, Sound Strangers, GMMR, and many more)

Murat was a key, early premier partner of ours here at Electrofans when we were “setting up shop” as a music promoter back around 2014 or so. We helped him get the word out by providing samples of some really cutting-edge tracks from Sound Vessel records on our SoundCloud page.

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Here’s a preview of his latest track, “I Feel It,” featured as part of the awesome ‘Spring Tide, Vol 1,” available July 31, 2020 from Batavia Records:


The Idea of Processing Vessel is to capture sounds that are unique and combine it with my imagination. Murat Vural a.k.a, Processing Vessel founded his musical passion by watching MTV Party-zone, which presented him with a variety of electronic music that led him into the journey of producing electronic music himself. His production harbors between Tech and Deep House Music.


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