Anna Yvette – Power

Album: Power
Production, Lyrics and vocals, by astonishing singer/songwriter: Anna Yvette
Label: Symphonic Distribution
Release: Out Now

Limitations? Dreams? Gifted? Whatever it may be, this song is a gem. With all of the feels of a song from the past, but within the present. Not your regular tune, but one that acknowledges if you are unique, special, or know you can do anything. This is that track that celebrates who you are. If you have heart, or an imagination, celebrate that unique persona. We all have power, something wonderful, magical, mystical, and incredible.

Within this magical track, Anna Yvette’s vocals deliver a unique energy, vibe, and wonder. Plus she connects to the awesome vibe throughout, a melody from another time, space, and place. I always wondered if she has superpowers, I am beginning to wonder.. yes, yes she does. Uplifting, spiritual, and amazing.

Music Video:

Like the track, it feels like it is from the distant past, sent to the present. A VHS tape with tracking on, a timer, plus an image from long ago. But it holds something amazing, it grabs your attention, click play, and enjoy the ride.

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