Max M Electro

Max M is a producer from France, creating music that tends toward electro/edm styles. He was an IT professional for years, working in a major multinational corporation, until he decided to return to the impassioned DJ days of his teenage years, and resume studying piano and composition.

He has definitely got a penchant for delivering catchy pop/dancey tunes, as you can hear on his latest track, “Imaginary Problems”:

And here he charters into “trancey territory” (could this be the first-ever case of “trance electro”!? :o):

His work has already received a good deal of attention, such as the tracks “Never Wanna Leave” and “Under Water,” which ranked first and fifth respectively on American DJ site, Digital DJ Pool. The tracks also got some nice exposure throughout South America, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.

He will certainly be a name to watch in the future, and he plans to release many more hits this year, so stay tuned!


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