SELECTION OF THE WEEK: Aloysius De Grot – Persephone

Intriguing, hypnotic melodic techno from Italian label, 99 Waves Records. Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld….

Released October 12, 2020 on 99 WAVES

Buy on Beatport:


Aloysius De Grot is an Dutch electronic music producer who specializes in creating a deep, engaging and direct sound. What’s incredibly amazing about his artistry is definitely the fact that he combines some warm analog sounds with the flexibility and edge of digital production, going for a very distinctive melodic feel. Some of the phrasings in the song are totally unexpected, but they really add a spice to the mix, allowing different elements to meld in beautifully. In addition to that, the vocal parts are perfectly tuned to the vibe of the track, creating a mysterious mood that suits the dynamics of this release. It goes without saying – Aloysius De Grot knows what he’s doing and if this song is any indication, we are going to be in for a treat. If you are a fan of tech, deep, and progressive house alike, you should definitely give this one a shot, as it will not let you down.

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