Song review “Infinite Space”

Song info:
Infinite Space
Genre: Electronica
Lyrics and vocals by singer/ songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers: Neonica, Trance Reserve
Label: Abora Chillout (sublabel of Abora Recordings)
Available now

Imagine a night sky, filled with stars as far as the eye could see. The atmosphere around you, constantly in motion, changing, shifting, flowing, moving all around. A moment to breathe, let all of your worries go, to not think, but feel. This is the type of energy this track connects to. It is beautiful, expansive, and delivers many emotions throughout. From start to finish, it has a flow like the stars in the sky, its beyond words, but an experience. It is moving, calming, spiritual, uplifting, and meditative.

In times like these, a song with this varied energy is what we need. From Hidden Tigress’s soothing, and incredible, dreamy vocals, silky, and connected to the melody that carries so much heart and soul. And the melody built by Neonica, and Trance Reserve, is incredible, and delivers all the feels it needs. This amazing team create an unforgettable, and breathtaking track that deserves so much love.

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