Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, rising EDM star Ampium creates “inspiring progressive dance music.”

His new track “Open Their Eyes” is a collaboration with vocals from ​Zhiko (an artist best known for his track “Day’N’Night,” supported by The Chainsmokers​).

Says Ampium:
I always strive to create music that feels a year ahead, and “Open Their Eyes” sounds like the future. Creating inspiring progressive music is one of my true escapes from day to day life. The message is to empower my generation to do great things. My new single has an almost intergalactic feel, with a breezy, lighthearted, hard-hitting Progressive House dance melody.

He’s already worked so far with Sam Martin (Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter who’s collaborated with David Ghetta), and has organized events and played to large crowds at Ramsgate, HQ, and The Highway.

He’s received support locally in his native Australia as well as internationally from the likes of Sam Martin, KRUNK, Jesse James, and others.

He also lends his support to the Progressive House community, working with independent artists across all genres of music.

Check out this mashup he did of “Beautiful Nights,” from Avicii, Zedd, and Hardwell:


Ampium brings to the table a Tomorrowland and Ultra-inspired vision. His sound is the embodiment of a young man facing his fears to pursue an extraordinary dream. Together with personal Empowerment we can create a destiny and the bright future we desire. This young man has learned not to fear the unknown, discovering a balance between good and bad. Finding light in the darkness…

Ampium’s mantra: “The powers we all possess are there for us. Throw caution to the wind, face your fears and you will find the answers.”




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