Nothing Left To Lose – Everything But the Girl

Album: Nothing Left to Lose (single release)
Artists: Everything But the Girl
Release: January 10th 2023
Label: Buzzin Fly Records, a sub label of Virgin Music Group

After a long break from the music scene, the timeless duo is back. Most will remember their song “Missing”, but they had many more releases back in the 90’s. But then, for a bit, they just disappeared into the ether. The main thing, is that they are back, and still sound amazing as ever. With even more plans to release tunes this year, something to look forward to, from this incredible creative team once again.

“Nothing Left to Lose” is soulful, melodic, rhythmic, and you feel the vibe through the lyrics and melody from start to finish. Also the lyrics have their own energy, that resonates with the listener, in that moment it could be anyone of us saying those words to someone. It is a moment, a focal point, it connects on a deeper level that stays with you, every time you press play.

But it also tackles words you never thought possible to say, everything you held back. Would those words cause pain? Hurt? Sorrow? Remorse? Are these words to say goodbye? Forgive me? Forget me? Every word has meaning, interpreting, as if you are seeing this mirror with your significant other. But turns out the mirror was clear all along. All of these words, is what you held back.

Everything But the Girl is back, and it is so, so good. Welcome back fam! We missed you! Lots of love!

Nothing Left to Lose Music Video This video is a work of art, it tells the story within the song, interpreted through dance, but also composed in a way of expression and art.

“Fuse” the complete album, to be released later this year. You can preorder through this link. It will be out April 21st 2023

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